We Said It Was Dangerous for Younger Adults

Coming on top of yesterday’s post, we have this headline:

Woman With Severe COVID-19 Gets Life Saving Double-Lung Transplant

The woman in this instance is in her 20s.

The surgery was performed at Chicago’s Northwestern Medicine, a teaching hospital affiliated with Northwestern University. This double lung transplant is reportedly the first performed in the US.

“We want other transplant centers to know that while the transplant procedure in these patients is quite technically challenging, it can be done safely, and it offers the terminally ill COVID-19 patient another option for survival,” said Dr. Ankit Bharat, surgical director of Northwestern’s lung transplant program.(1)

Dr. Bharat in surgery; source: Northwestern Medicine


  1. https://consumer.healthday.com/infectious-disease-information-21/coronavirus-1008/woman-with-severe-covid-19-gets-life-saving-double-lung-transplant-758517.html
  2. Also reported in AHIP Solutions SmartBrief Health Insurance Industry News, 06/12/2020.

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