I’m Victor Crain.

I have two business activities and a range of personal interests.

Research:  Crain Associates Research LLC

I’ve been conducting customer satisfaction research, customer retention, win-loss and advertising research since 1980.  I’ve worked for some of the biggest names in the research industry (Harris, Gallup, Lieberman); now for myself.

Much of our work today involves semi-structured in-depth interviews with executives, medical professionals and consumers.

Industries:  Software, healthcare, financial services, retail, senior living

CAR’s strengths include

(1) A team of independent experts, each with upwards of 20 years of experience in research

(2) Flexibility and adaptability — we fit tools to business problems, not force problems to fit a particular tool or methodology

(3) Access to the latest technologies and analytic tools

(4) Low overhead costs, enabling us to compete even with Asian research suppliers

Contact:  Victor@crainassociatesresearchllc.com

Website:  www.crainassociatesresearchllc.com

Insurance:  Crain Insurance (AFLAC)

AFLAC provides supplemental insurance to help business owners, employees and their families with out-of-pocket expenses associated with illness and injury.

Those expenses can be expensive.  A woman with breast cancer and a silver level health insurance can expect on average to face $29,000 in out-of-pocket charges.  With a stroke that number jumps to over $96,000.  Most people can’t afford that and don’t expect it, which is why medical costs are a leading cause of bankruptcy in the US.

Aflac coverage starts at $20 per month — a very small amount to pay for something so important.

Contact:  victor_crain@us.aflac.com

Personal interests

Keeping up with the latest in medical research and technology; reading; history; economics and social issues.


Political science and statistics, University of Chicago (AB) and Princeton (MA, ABD).


Married (second) to the love of my life, with wonderful children and grandchildren.



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