I’m Victor Crain.

I have two business activities and a range of personal interests.

Crain Insurance LLC

My primary business in my second life is insurance — life, health, Medicare, disability, long-term care, annuities — all of that good stuff. I work for individuals, families and business with fewer than 100 employees. Buesiness products include group health insurance and supplemental benefits.

What separates me from many other agents:

  1. I apply my research skills to find best solutions for clients, and then provide the client with the information to make an objective, informed decision.
  2. I’m a broker, committed to the client’s best interest. I don’t endorse any particular company or product. It’s what makes sense for the client. I work with a large array of insurance carriers.
  3. I’m a fiduciary. My interest is second to the client.

Contact: vic@craininsurancellc.com

Website: http://www.craininsurancellc.com

Crain Associates Research LLC

I’ve been conducting customer satisfaction research, customer retention, win-loss and advertising research since 1980.  I’ve worked for some of the biggest names in the research industry (Harris, Gallup, Lieberman); now for myself. Industries:  Software, healthcare, financial services, retail, senior living

Contact:  Victor@crainassociatesresearchllc.com

Website:  www.crainassociatesresearchllc.com

Personal interests

My blog. Writing stimulates my mind and helps me keep up with the latest in medical research and technology; reading; history; economics and social issues.

Separately, I’m starting to work on a pair of mystery novels. I’ve always enjoyed that genre but think that withholding key clues from readers in inherently unfair. I can stump you without cheating.


Political science and statistics, University of Chicago (AB) and Princeton (MA, ABD).


Married (second) to the love of my life, with wonderful children and grandchildren.


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