Who Are You?

OK, I do insurance. I’m actually proud of what I do, and pleased to have the opportunity to help families cope in a difficult time.

The problem is that a few of my peers, and the vast bulk of insurance training makes me want to lose my lunch.

Insurance companies and their cronies, field marketing organizations, think everyone is motivated by a fancy car, a Rolex, and/or partying on the beach in Cabo. (Almost every company seems to have a paid trip to Cabo as a sales incentive this year.) If that works for you, so be it. But ask yourself, who are you and why are you here?

There needs to be a purpose

When you’re done here, and you have to go face whomever in your next life, how are you going to explain yourself? Is that cool watch that you left behind when you died . . . is that it?


Viktor Frankl wrote that purpose was the key to surviving a concentration camp. My wife thinks purpose is the key to surviving cancer, and she’s beaten breast, esophageal and cervical cancer over 40 years. I can’t doubt what I’ve seen or the strength that purpose gives.

I can’t tell you what your purpose is. You have to find it for yourself. You really need to find it.

I can tell you it’s not a watch, or a fancy car or a plush house or a vacation. A purpose like that trivializes your life and your value. Why would you want to abase yourself like that?

Who are you?

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