Managing Blood Pressure for a Better You

High blood pressure is a major factor in heart disease, and the damage can start early (and unnoticed) and build over time. It can eventually be debilitating and even deadly.

Heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in the US.(4) But you don’t necessarily need to go there.

A new clinical trial identifies Mindfulness Training as an effective non-pharmaceutical tool for reducing blood pressure. Not only did the training produce immediate results, but the results were still evident at a one-year follow-up.(1)

Mindfulness is derived from Buddhist traditions, and, on an anecdotal basis has been associated with a range of health benefits.(2) The clinical trial is the first to provide scientific evidence to support one of these benefits.

UCLA has a Mindful Awareness Research Center and informational and instructional videos on Youtube.(3) There are also books and courses from various sources to which you can subscribe.

Mindfulness training is something you can do on your own, but any changes in medication use requires a discussion with your doctor.



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