Fashion: Something New and Genuine

It is extremely rare that I find something in fashion that I feel is really worth comment.  I suppose that if I’d been alive when the bikini was introduced, that event would have qualified.  (Hey, I’m a guy, but the Internet didn’t exist back then and I came along several years later.  No, granddaughter, I’m not older than dirt.)

An online survey introduced me to one this morning.  It’s a boutique firm into green manufacturing that uses recycled flowers to make clothing dyes.  The company is called Calyx,

My initial reactions:

  • Elegant, even sexy in an understated way
  • Something a woman would be very comfortable wearing
  • Probably feels as good as it looks
  • Quality
  • The woman who runs this firm is genuinely passionate about what she does

Here’s a link to a video on Huffington Post about the firm and its products.  This is genuinely worth a look.  Since this was put up for a survey, I don’t know how long the link will be around.


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