Covid Infection and Sperm

Covid-19 is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

A new study of males between the ages of 20 and 50 shows that being infected with the coronavirus is related to reduced sperm count.(1) The study involved 200 males, half of home had no evidence of infection and half of whom had been infected more than three months before testing. Males with recent or current infections were excluded from the study. Males abstained from ejaculation for at least three days before measurement.

The findings:

  • Sperm concentration was significantly higher among males who had not been infected with Covid.
  • Four of the males who were infected, and none of those uninfected, had no viable sperm.

There are of course two possible explanations for these results:

  • A. Males with low sperm counts are for some unknown reason more vulnerable to Covid infection.
  • B. Covid infection harms sperm creation.

Since we have no data on the study subjects prior to Covid infection, there is no way to tell at this point which of these explanations is true. Possibly both are true.

As discussed in a previous post, we are already looking at population projects that show a decline in the number of humans on this planet starting sometime in the next couple of decades. If Covid impacts sperm production, this will make the projected population decline more severe.

Our economic system is based on the idea of selling greater volume at ever increasing prices. Shrinking markets and workforce will bring broad disruptions in everything from supply chains and grocery stores to real estate and investments.

Unfortunately, this isn’t dystopian fantasy. These changes will start during the lifetime of most of the people reading this.

With the American diaspora, decreasing birthrate, reduced life expectancy, and immigrants exiting the US, my prediction is that there will be fewer people living in the US when the 2030 Census is conducted than there were at the time of the 2020 Census. The only question is how big a drop.



Image Credit: ninoon/Shutterstock


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