Urinary Tract Infections

Let’s look at something different for a change.

A new research report links high blood glucose levels to an increased risk of UTIs.(1)

Excess blood glucose suppresses a natural antibiotic in the body, psoriasin, which provides protection against these infections.

“Essentially, this is a protein that inhibits the binding of bacteria to epithelial cells andendothelial cells, and if these bacteria cannot bind to the epithelial cells of the bladder, then they may not grow. They will be inhibited from growth, and therefore they can’t propagate inside the bladder.”

“When bacteria propagate, that’s when infection occurs because essentially infection is an overgrowth of bacteria within an organ like the bladder, as opposed to a situation in which psoriasin would be inhibiting the growth of the bacteria.”

Dr. S. Adam Ramin

The study was conducted comparing diabetics to non-diabetics, but those with borderline blood glucose conditions should consider discussing this with their doctor.

Prevention of UTIs involves hydration and a balanced diet.

In my personal experience, I’ve found intermittent fasting (IF8/16, 8 hours consuming calories and 16 hours not) to be an effective tool for resetting gut bacteria and reducing blood glucose levels. As discussed in a previous post, there is research supporting intermittent fasting as a way of putting Type II diabetes into remission among patients who have only recently been diagnosed. The practice is safer for people not on insulin, and the referenced article suggests a preference for fasting for a regular portion of each day over fasting for one or two days per week.(2)


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