Another Contributor to Food Price Increases

We have an outbreak of avian flu (Eurasian H5N1) in wild bird population in the Eastern US. There are guesses as to the source of the outbreak, which has spread to and decimated some farm flocks of chickens and turkeys.(1)

This flu can kill a turkey within six hours of initial symptoms.

Thus far, there is no evidence of human infection by this virus. However, the last time avian flu did cross over, it killed 60% of those who were infected.

Meanwhile, we’re waiting to see how Omicron BA.2 unfolds. The most recent data, posted on February 22, shows it as being 3.9% of reported new cases. If that doubles at the next reading, it would indicate another wild ride ahead. It spreads 30% more easily than the original Omicron, and causes more severe illness. BA.2 has triggered another surge in Covid infections in Denmark.

Stay tuned for updates.


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