The Cost of Resisting Vaccination

The unvaccinated create several issues for their neighbors and society as a whole:

  1. The fill up hospitals, depriving others of needed access. Need a surgery? You can’t get it at your local hospital if every bed is taken. Can you afford to travel for it?
  2. They drive up medical costs. In September, Forbes reported that unvaccinated people created an extra $5.7 billion in medical spending between June and September of last year.(1)
    1. Guess who gets to pay for that? You do, through taxes and higher health insurance premiums.
    2. Yes, seniors got the highest cost-of-living increase this year from Social Security, but the companion increase in Medicare costs absorbed almost all of it for most people.
  3. They form a human petri dish in which the virus can create new mutations.
  4. They become disabled or die, adding to worker shortages that are driving up the price of everything in the US.

While Omicron isn’t as lethal and other versions of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, because it infects so many, the absolute number of deaths is increasing. Further, as noted in an earlier post, the risk of death for an individual is increased for at least two years after infection. That’s why we’ve had 894,316 confirmed extra deaths during the Covid era, and that number is still rising.(2) We will have extra deaths from Covid long after we cease talking about it (if that ever happens).

  • How accurate are the numbers? Critics say that the numbers are inflated, however, the opposite is more likely to be true. For example, if a person age 50 or older has a heart attack, there is often no autopsy, so we never know if spontaneous blood clotting from the virus was the cause. Smaller and rural communities are even less likely to do this, regardless of age.
  • In fact, we have no way to measure how many people are now carrying the virus, where it resides in the body, or what harm it is causing — until that harm reaches the level that it makes its presence known. That’s why there is (and should be) much concern about future health costs. If China seems draconian in dealing with the virus, because of their huge population, they are very aware of how unaffordable that future burden might be.

The US has the largest pool of unvaccinated and the highest death rate among affluent nations.

Source: online, New York Times press release, 3 February 2022

On the positive side, deaths among the unvaccinated eventually may reduce financial pressure on Medicare and Social Security in the US. If it’s not obvious, we are living shorter lives.

In case you don’t remember what a petri dish looks like from Chemistry class in high school; source: Wikipedia




  1. Excellent points. As I’m recovering my dad will text to see if I’m “all better” or if I’ve “cleared the covid yet.” It’s frustrating that more people don’t understand how far reaching fallout is inside our bodies if we make it out of the initial infection stage.


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