Less Survivable Cancers

Great Britain this year gave us a day for awareness of cancers that are still quite difficult to resolve. Some of these are simply problems and with low incidences, have received little in the way of research attention and funding. Some are problems of late diagnosis. Either way, they kill.

Less Survivable Cancers Awareness Day was celebrated on 11 January of this year in the UK, and probably should be adopted in most other countries.

The cancers on this list include:

Several of these could be easily treated if caught at an early stage. However, both consumers and doctors often ignore or are unaware of the early signs that the disease is present.

Esophageal cancer is one I know from personal experience. Gastric reflux can damage the lining of the esophagus, creating an environment in which cancer can take hold and grow. However, by the time the mass makes itself known by difficulty in swallowing, it is fully Stage IV with minimal chances for survival.

Similarly, people tend to ignore persistent headaches until they become acute. Whether a tumor or aneurysm, the result of delayed diagnosis usually isn’t good. I had a good friend die that way.

Your body is a machine and you need to be sensitive when something isn’t quite right. If you treat your car better than your body, what does that say about your priorities?


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