Texas is Anti-Worker

The title to this blog is based on evidence amassed over the course of the last 30 years. It’s an easy argument when you compare Texas to places like New York, California, Massachusetts and virtually any industrialized country in Europe or Asia.

“Despite being hailed as ‘heroes,’” says Levy, “workers have basically been thrown to the wolves.”

Texas Observer (2)


  • A friend of mine was a department manager for a major corporation. The company decided to relocate the department from the Northeast to Texas in order to be able to do a mass layoff cost effectively. The manager was told to tell his people that they were being transferred, but not that they would be let go after the transfer. Failure to accept the transfer was considered as a voluntary resignation, making the employee ineligible for unemployment benefits. My friend declined to lie to his staff and was immediately terminated.
  • Now we have the example of a state that has refused to take any action to assist first responders exposed to Covid on the job — and made seriously ill of dying from that exposure. Employers in Texas (and some other southern and western states) aren’t required to carry worker’s comp insurance, and the worker’s comp carriers routinely deny Covid claims as not work related. Other states have mandated that Covid exposure among first responders be treated as a valid claim; Texas has not.
  • “Texas is not a “state-plan” state; that is, it does not have its own occupational safety and health regulatory program.”(6)

Covid isn’t the first epidemic in which Texas has denied help to its citizens. It may be the first one where it has failed to provide adequate statistics on the number of infections and deaths.

Apparently, Texas prefers lawsuits over positive legislative action.(5)

To me, notice that a job is being transferred to Texas is an alert to look for another job. People leaving anyplace else to move to Texas need to understand the resources and protections they are sacrificing.

And that’s without considering the looming water scarcity issue affecting the Southwest. The Dallas Federal Reserve Bank raised that issue back in 2013.(7) Inaction since then hasn’t helped. If you’re thinking about buying a home there, just remember, it’s hard to sell a home with no water supply. It is, however, a great way to lose money.

My thanks to Ned Hamson for calling the Texas Observer article to my attention.


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