Climate Change and Corporate Thoughtlessness

If you are living in a normally hot area, and you have an unusually hot year, things happen. Not good things, mind you.

Take supply chains. Suppose you ship merchandise by truck, as most companies do at some point. Now suppose that truck gets parked for a few hours in hot sun while the driver catches some much needed sleep. What exactly happens to the cargo?

Well, depending on the length of the trip, the cargo gets baked, or refried, or whatever term you prefer to use.

The contents of a container of glue boils and exists the container. (Thank you, Testors and Amazon. That package reeked even before we opened it. Made the entire house smell like glue.)

A refried Tootsie-Roll candy has the consistency of diamond. Teeth have no chance.

Some warehouses in Las Vegas advertising “air cooling.” When the air temp is 115 F? How exactly does that work?

You do save some time on meal prep, having deliveries arrive pre-cooked.

Clearly, some manufacturers are clueless about what happens to their product after it leaves the factory. What they make isn’t necessarily what the consumer gets.


  1. Funny, there is one specific example here. One of my meds is refrigerated. If I pick it up from the pharmacy, it has a temperature history from the moment it leaves the factory to the moment I pick it up.

    However, in the last few years, lots of online pharmacies have sprung up here. Take your prescription over the web, then post out your meds. With refrigerated meds, the good ones refuse, but many will just say “we ship in an insulated envelope”. You can imagine how insulated that will be after 24h in transit!

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