Incidence of Long Covid

A new survey of Long Beach residents reports that 35% of people testing positive for the virus report lingering symptoms more than two months after infection. That’s in line with the findings of larger and more detailed British studies of the disease.

Lingering symptoms can include one or more of the following: fatigue, breathing issues, loss of taste and muscle or joint pain.

In the Long Beach study, persons more likely to report lingering symptoms tend to be one or more of the following: over 40, female, have other medical issues, and Black. However, it’s not appropriate to assume that Long Covid is limited to people with these characteristics.

The obvious risk is that the virus finds a home inside the human body, perhaps akin to what Lyme Disease does. With long-term Lyme, the virus pops out of its nest in times of stress or other issues to raise havoc. Will this coronavirus do the same?

What’s important about the Long Beach study is that the findings are among those who tested positive, not just those who were hospitalized. Potentially, that’s a huge number of people who will be affected by lingering symptoms and a significant additional to medical costs as well as issues for employers in terms of absenteeism and productivity.

Those who are scoffing at protecting themselves now are risking not just the present but also the future.



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