The Coronavirus and Woody Guthrie

Famously, one of Woody’s guitars bore the legend, “This guitar kills fascists.” You may not know Woody, but he was the legendary voice of the Great Depression, and gave the US one of its most endearing songs:

Well, Delta has followed in this tradition. National Geographic has assembled maps showing the incidence of current infections on a per capita basis, and the areas being hit the hardest are the rural American South and Great Plains, the base of the GOP.

The parallels? Well, the GOP now supports government intervention in how people live and restrictions in individual rights. The anti-masking movement might appear to be an exception to this statement, but it’s not. Instead, it supports ridding the country of the weak and elderly and reducing the potential burden on affluent taxpayers. Anti-masking is about the right to die and kill others in the process.

Biden is justified in being angry and frustrated. There’s reason to believe that lingering infections from the coronavirus will create a massive increase in the number of Americans with mental and physical disabilities. That will be a huge financial burden on the economy and taxpayers. How realistic is that? Well, looking at British data, 15% of those hospitalized with the virus may never be able to work again, and over time, as heart and brain damage emerges, that percentage may get much worse. That’s a huge number in absolute terms and a huge cost.

No wonder Musk wants to set up his kingdom on Mars.

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