Walnuts Maya Help with Bad Cholesterol

High cholesterol contributes to heart attacks and strokes. Now we have multiple ways to try to control cholesterol levels.

  1. Statins
  2. The B vitamin, niacin
  3. A new assortment of PCSK9 medications (injectables) designed to treat people with a family history of cholesterol issues without the risks associated with statins
  4. Inclisiran, a new twice-yearly injectable approved in the UK(2), and quite expensive, at $2,000 per dose
  5. Eating walnuts(3)

Yes, walnuts.

Spanish researchers have just completed a two-year study on the impact of adding walnuts to a normal diet. The results have been published in the American Heart Association journal, Circulation.

In this study, the research indicates, according to Dr. Ros, that “regularly eating walnuts will lower your LDL cholesterol and improve the quality of LDL particles, rendering them less atherogenic (less prone to enter the arterial wall and build up atherosclerosis, the basis of cardiovascular diseases), and this will occur without unwanted weight gain in spite of the high fat (healthy vegetable fat, though) content of walnuts.”

The improvement from eating walnuts was stronger in males than in females. The overall improvement in cholesterol is characterized as modest, meaning that walnuts can’t replace drugs if drugs are required. However walnuts could help delay a cholesterol situation in getting out of control.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take vitamins and eat walnuts than need yet another injection. The Covid and flu shots are enough, thank you kindly.


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