COVID-19 Delta

What we appear to know at this point is that the Delta (Indian) variant puts more unvaccinated people into the hospital and it attacks both young and old alike. We have data on the effectiveness of existing vaccines against Delta. They do work, but not quite as well against Delta as against the original virus. The Pfizer vax was 92% effective against the original virus, but only 79% effective against Delta according to Scottish data. Those are still good numbers and most people will be helped by the vax. We don’t have comparable data for Moderna or the Johnson & Johnson vaccines as yet, but there is no reason to expect massively different results. We’ll see.

Ultimately, we will need another round of vaccination, hopefully in pill form, and this may become an annual routine. There’s no sign of the virus going away on its own.

And as we reduce masking, the flu and other illnesses are recurring. The COVID virus has added a new threat, not replaced an existing one as we had hoped.nd you

And if you haven’t been vaccinated? Get with the program. You’re asking for trouble you don’t want. Yet another study today suggests that COVID triggers a permanent loss of brain tissue.(3)


  3. Nancy Lapid, “COVID-19 may cause loss of brain tissue; Delta variant fuels steep infection rise in England,”

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