Waivers for “cost sharing” for COVID vaccinations and COVID treatment will end on June 30 in the US. After that, those who have denied the virus or delayed vaccination will be paying money for their inertia.

The announcement of the end of the waiver period came from Horizon Blue Cross this week, in a convoluted message designed to distract attention from the bad news. We presume other carriers will match the time frame.

This is being accompanied by the closing of mega centers for vaccination in some states.

So with the right to refuse a free vaccine comes the right to pay out-of-pocket for it if you later change your mind. Remember, that’s two office visits and shots unless you have access to the Pfizer vax.

My personal misfortune was to have both COVID-19 as well as a relatively rare reaction to the Moderna vaccine. Frankly, the reaction to the vaccine was well worth not getting COVID again.

However, bad decisions have always been part of the Darwin process.

What amuses me is that the GOP thinks there will be enough Trump supporters around in two years to win an election. At 438 deaths per day (CDC), mostly among the unvaccinated, the close election of 2020 will be far less close in 2024. That’s without the effort by the GOP to chase moderates away from the party.

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