First of June Humor

The chiton is nicknamed the “Wandering Meatloaf”. For good reason, if you look at it. (Although if the image of your dinner wandering off your plate bothers you, maybe not.)

Gumboot chiton

The chiton feeds on algae, by scraping it off of rocks, and is blessed with some of the hardest teeth known in nature. The teeth contain a rare mineral, santabarbareite, which gives them their remarkable strength.

OK, which company is working on synthesizing that mineral, and do we classify teeth coated with it as a weapon? This certainly provides a new definition for “eating rocks.”

No joke. Santabarbareite is a mineral identified in 2000 and named for a mining district in Tuscany, not the old TV show.

Oddly, for some reason, in almost every post, I seem to be finding words of which Microsoft has never heard.

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