URGENT: Compromised Email Marketing Software

If you had glossed over the headlines today, there is one that is serious and may affect you directly and personally.

Constant Contact is an email broadcast system used for email marketing by everyone from solopreneurs to large corporations.

It is also the latest company whose software has been compromised by Russian hackers — the same hackers who created the Solar Winds debacle. What is public is that these hackers got into the US AID agency and used the Constant Contact software to send malicious code to firms receiving email from that agency. The malware allows them to control computer systems and access files of recipient firms, if a user clicks on a link in the message.

If Solar Winds tells us anything, it’s that these hackers will loot any company they can. US AID is probably only one target of many.

Microsoft discovered the problem and disclosed the software involved. Constant Contact has made no comment as of this time and has posted nothing on their website.

Bottom line: If you are a user of Constant Contact, stop, at least until some kind of software update is issued. If you receive messages from firms using Constant Contact (and some messages show the Constant Contact name or logo), do not click on any links in those message or forward them to anyone else, at least until this problem has been addressed.


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