Life Is Weird

OK, no surprise in that title, right?

I do have a growing respect for the challenges facing writers of fiction. After all, reality is often more strange than any writer would dare include in the plot of a novel.

In case you missed this item from the AP newswire yesterday, please visualize this scenario:

  • A gentleman bikes home from an Aldi’s grocery with his shopping in his backpack, including some lettuce.
  • He gets home, and he and his lady unload the purchases in the kitchen.
  • At some point, they notice movement in the package of lettuce. Something’s moving inside.
  • Then a head sticks out from the lettuce. A very large worm?
  • Then a tongue sticks out. Worms don’t have tongues.
  • After a moment of panic, they slam the lettuce into a plastic storage container and call animal control.
  • Animal control identifies the critter as “a venomous pale-headed snake”, quite toxic actually.

“It’s the first snake I’ve ever had in sealed, packed produce,” Pattinson said. “We get frogs in them all the time.”

Spokesperson for WIRES animal rescue. Sidney, Australia

Take that thought with you the on your next trip to the grocer!


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