Oral contraceptives may reduce the risk of severe asthma attacks among young women

An analysis of 80,000 women who participated in a long term UK medical study indicates that women on the pill for three or more years have a lower likelihood of having severe asthma attacks. The impact of oral contraceptives is said to be “small but significant.” A severe attack is defined as one requiring a visit to an emergency room, hospitalization or a prescription for oral corticosteroids.

Frankly, from a cost perspective alone, keeping people out of the ER is important. Reduction in the frequency of severe attacks probably also represents a major improvement in quality of life.

Source: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/941481?src=WNL_clfoc_210226_MSCPEDIT_TEMP2&uac=153634BV&impID=3213423&faf=1


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