“Take Your Financial Worries to Work Day”

Another example of the economic divide in the US? 87% of employers think their employees are financially well off. Only 62% of employees agree, and that percentage may be overstated due to concerns about confidentiality of survey responses.

The survey was conducted by a financial wellness company, Immediate, and included 1,275 employees and an unreported number of employers.

Three-quarters of the employees surveyed reported an unexpected financial hit in 2020, and most had to resort to credit cards or borrowing from friends and family to meet the expense. Sixty percent are “very concerned” about their financial stability in 2021. That’s striking, since most of the employees surveyed are part of families with higher than average annual incomes (above $75,000, with almost half over $100,000).

Employers are oblivious. So are many politicians.

Source: https://www.benefitspro.com/2021/02/25/is-every-day-take-your-financial-worries-to-work-day-for-your-employees/?kw=Is%20every%20day%20%22Take%20Your%20Financial%20Worries%20to%20Work%20Day%22%20for%20your%20employees?&utm_source=email&utm_medium=enl&utm_campaign=bprodaily&utm_content=20210226&utm_term=bpro&slreturn=20210126100641


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