The Challenges of Covid-19

We know about the social challenges — the issues of getting people to recognize disinformation, recognize that the disease is real, and recognize that they need to act to protect themselves and others. We hear about that every day in the media.

To some extent, that’s Darwin at work. Those who are willfully ignorant will kill some of their family members, and cause permanent organ damage to others, reducing their life expectancy. They’ve already removed themselves from the pool of people who can get life insurance — even a simple test, positive or negative, for Covid can do that with some companies. So they are already in more trouble than they know. Like the dinosaurs, they will go away. It’s just going to take a little time or maybe a new mutation to speed the process.

However, this coronavirus comes with more built-in tricks than a magician in Vegas.

The latest report from a German research group is that there are at present approximately five virus configurations. Each causes a different reaction from the body’s immune system. Two produce serious cases while the other three lesser illnesses. The suggestion is that treatment needs to be nuanced according to the particularly configuration a patient has.

Since this is new information, we don’t know at this point whether the current generation of vaccines is equally effective with all of the configurations. We do know that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are extremely effective, and the methodology used in their development — heavily reliant on genetic engineering rather than the cruder techniques of the past — makes me believe that they are incredibly safe. As we learn more about the different major variations of the virus, they may be room for improvement.

Finally, if you had any lingering reservations about vaccination, German researchers have also reported that the Covid virus can enter the human brain through the nose.


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