I’m in some level of shock at the attempted insurrection in Washington this week.

Clearly, Trump’s goal was to have the rioters seize the boxes containing the state reports of electoral votes, thus preventing the process of ordaining President-Elect Biden from reaching it’s conclusion. That goal failed when alert Congressmen grabbed the boxes and carried them to safety before the rioters could achieve entry to the chambers. That also explains the rifling of desks — the insurgents couldn’t find what they wanted.

In doing that, Trump violated his oath of office and should be impeached and perhaps charged with treason. In fact, he will fly to Florida before the inauguration to avoid arrest by police on behalf of the State of New York when his term as president ends. The governor of Florida has sworn to prevent extradition to New York. That’s why Trump won’t be at the Inauguration. He’s subject to arrest on New York State charges as soon as Biden is sworn into office.

Hopefully New York and other states (e.g., New Jersey) will seize Trump’s assets under racketeering statutes. That includes the assets of his family members who are party to some of the charges — his sons, wife and daughter. New York wants at least $600 million back from him, so it is reasonable to expect them to go to some lengths to collect.

My expectation is that Federal Courts will deny Trump’s ability to pardon himself. The Founding Fathers never intended to a President to be a King and unaccountable for his actions. Even conservative justices should choke on Trump’s attempts to evade responsibility, much as they shunned his attempts to overturn an honest and fair election. (Trump

Happily, it seems that Pelosi and the Joint Chiefs of Staff have taken steps to ensure that Trump cannot do anything too rash in his last days in office. And the FBI and alert social media users are outing the protestors for dismissal from jobs and arrest. Security officials who fumbled are losing their jobs as well. In the US, dismissals for cause preclude collection of unemployment compensation.

Justice will be served.

Sadly, at the cost of five dead.

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