And What Sounds Would You Like to Make?

I guess it’s fair to say that some computer geeks have sophisticated humor — and some don’t.

The programmers at Tesla have introduced a new feature, the Boombox. Remember the big radios that kids used to carry around on their shoulders. Now we have a bigger one on four wheels.

With Boombox, your Tesla car becomes a giant speaker. Dance party on the beach? Just drive up and turn the Boombox on. It will go for as long as the car battery, and in an electric car, that will be awhile.

Annoying neighbors? How about the sounds of bagpipes at volume at 6AM? (Actually, I’m a big fan of Scottish marching bands, but I do understand that for others, this is an acquired taste — or maybe an unacquired one.)

Annoying drivers? How about broadcasting farts or goat sounds? No kidding. The footnoted article actually talks about this.

Seriously, the external speaker was required by Federal safety guidelines to alert pedestrians when an otherwise silent car was close. Obviously, the technies took the opportunity to expand the capability. The fart sound was introduced for use during emissions testing. Really.

What’s next? A car that manufactures cow patties to throw at other vehicles?

Is this how the affluent enjoy themselves? Or is it just another step in the disintegration of civilization?


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