5G Technology: Vaporware and Paranoia

A current theory is that the Nashville bombing on Christmas Day was targeting an AT&T facility due to the bomber’s fears about the deployment of 5G technology.

What is fact is 5G Technology. There are several definitions — please read closely:

  1. It’s an improvement over previous networking technology that increases message speed, reduces latency, and enables more devices to attach simultaneously to a computer network. There’s nothing fancy about it. 5G is built on 4G technology that has been deployed for several years. The improvements are basically what every new generation of technology promises, and sometimes delivers.
  2. 5G is also a marketing campaign with vague promises about what it can do that is to encourage government officials and investors to get on board with the technology.
  3. 5G is an ominous creature among conspiracy advocates and dark media.

Benefits of 5G include faster speeds, low latency, and greater capacity. The theoretical maximum data transfer rate of 5G is 20 Gbps (2.5 gigabytes per second). That is 20x faster than LTE-Advanced, which has a peak download speed of 1,000 Mbps. 5G latency (the time to establish a connection) is estimated to be 10 to 20 milliseconds, compared to 4G’s average latency of 40 ms. The maximum traffic capacity of 5G is roughly 100x greater than a typical 4G network.


A key difference between 5G and prior wireless technology is the use of a broader range of frequencies. 5G uses low, medium and high bands, instead of the low bands used by earlier systems. These bands were reserved for other uses in the past, and there have been allocation problems in making room for 5G.

Sascha Segan argues today in PC Magazine that the fact that consumers can’t see, touch or feel 5G gives the conspiracy people a lot of room to build myths about it. He also argues, quite persuasively, that if tech companies explained 5G in plain English, neither regulators nor investors would be particularly excited about it. The result is vague definitions and promises that leave plenty of room for fanciful fear, uncertainty and doubt. Hence the myth of 5G as some kind of predatory monster.

The truth is that 5G is an improvement in data communications. It is not a secret program to spy on people. Nor is it something that poses any kind of threat to life above and beyond what already exists. If you have been comfortable using the Internet and cell phone over the last 10 years, there’s nothing new to be worried about now.

Bottom line, if the Nashville bombing was targeting 5G, it was a total waste of life and property for no purpose.


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    • A lot of people want to cling to a world that is disappearing into history, and have neither the skills nor ambition to face the future. That I think is what creates this combination.


  1. I just know that I lost my Internet connection for a short time because some idiot was trying to make a possibly unknown statement about something that still is not clear. I have 5G as well as 3G (or is it 2G?) and the 5G sometimes won’t cover me when I’m in the same room. The other one is the one I stay on but of course, neither of them worked last week. I doubt anyone knows yet what was targeted or whether the person just wanted to kill himself and take a few places out with him. Wasn’t he parked in an area that was residential as well as businesses? Who will ever really know what his aim was since he died in the explosion. Could have been as simple as having a killer headache and wanting to go out with a bang!


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