Impact of ACA Overturn

If conservatives finally are able to engineer a Supreme Court that will overturn the Affordable Care Act, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation estimates that more than 21,000,000 Americans will lose their health insurance.(1)

RWJ Foundation is a medical research non-partisan and non-profit, founded by the Johnson family of Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical.

This will take us back into the bad old days of those without insurance relying on emergency room care (higher cost) and the cost of that care hitting consumers through higher local taxes. Basically, if you can’t afford insurance, which for the average US family of four exceeds $2,000 per month, you probably can’t pay the emergency room bill either. So the hospital eats the cost or taxpayers do.

Of course, the far right and libertarian position is that if you can’t afford health care, it is only correct and proper for you to die. For people who share that position, if something cannot be bought or sold, it has no value. Ending slavery ended the value of human life. As Friedman wrote, there is no place for concepts of fairness in capitalism.

That’s not a position that any religion takes. In fact, David, Jesus and Muhammad would have arms linked leading the protesters. Nor do most of us want to think that money alone defines value, or that only things with price tags have value.

It’s this vision of pitting the rich against the poor that writers on economics in the late 1800s thought would cause capitalism to collapse into civil war. Maybe they were right after all.




  1. I have figured out the republicans and trump simply want people to die. The poor with lack of decent healthcare, means they can get rid of the them, the disabled and the mentally incapable of work groups. The virus also works in their favor since it attacks older people, who use too much social security, Medicare, Medicaid money and Latinos and Blacks, since all these groups are more susceptible to the virus.
    If they can reduce the population enough through these above means and also this new concept of herd immunity, it works to their advantage. Even as the middle class falls into the poverty line, this will add more people to those that may perish.
    Then the white wealthy fat cats will truly rule the US along with their multi national partners. Population will be reduced and this may help climate change in their mind.
    Their version of utopia is white rich and maybe Christian, just so everyone is on the same page…
    Problem is…these kind of things never work out the way they hope and chaos will ensue.

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    • That’s certainly the Libertarian and Freedom Caucus position. I don’t think the Trump clan is that sophisticated. They’re simply anti-tax. I think the entire war on ACA health plans was about the surcharge for people not having qualified plans, and the rich either use concierge care or self-insure, neither of which counts.
      However, killing off people adversely affects oilmen and retailers. No they haven’t thought through the consequences. Which is why smarter rich people like Buffet and Gates oppose Trump.

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