sad wall — One Round Corner (repost)

My comment: Conspiracy theories are mind games (parlor games in the terminology of the 1800s), for entertainment (?) and nothing more. They are for people who want simple answers to complex questions, or need someone to blame when they themselves err. These theories are signs of mental and emotional weakness. Admittedly, we all have failings at times, but many of us are strong enough to recognize those failings, take responsibility and move on. Obviously, some people aren’t.

Simple example: if you don’t take school seriously and blow off college, you are highly likely to be living on a reduced income for life with mediocre job prospects. Immigrants have nothing to do with that. The problem is the life decision you made, whether you were conscious of making that decision or not at the time.

The media who exploit these theories are a different animal. Like National Enquirer and Fox, they are parasites making money on human failings. The advertisers who support this nonsense deserve shame.

A conspiracy theory is like the scrawl found on a wall somewhere. The inked characters are desperate to get out the truth as the owner of the hand who wrote it wants you to believe it. When the only message it sends is one of a mind in need of greater self-reflection. A mind in […]

sad wall — One Round Corner

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