Covid-19: New Findings

Two separate reports link Covid-19 with kidney damage, and severity of kidney damage to likelihood of death from Covid-19.

The findings:

1, Researchers at the University of Michigan report that “patients with COVID-19 experience elevated levels of soluble urokinase receptor (suPAR), an immune-derived pathogenic protein that is strongly predictive of kidney injury.”(1,2)

2. Data from Tongji hospital in Wuhan, China, indicates that kidney damage increases the likelihood of death during hospital stays for coronavirus victims.(3,4,5)

That leaves the interesting question: Do those who are infected but not hospitalized also sustain kidney damage? What impact might that have on long-term health? Unfortunately, only time will tell.


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  1. That’s really interesting, thanks for sharing. One of the meds I take for BP (ACE-inhibitor iirc) can also impact kidney function. I wonder if anybody spotted a link between COVID and high BP?


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