COVID19 and Healthcare Deaths

According to a new report, more than 7,000 healthcare workers worldwide have died from treating patients with Covid-19. The two countries with the most deaths among medical professionals are Mexico (1,320) and the United States (1,077), followed at a distance by UK (649) and Brazil (634).

Those are large numbers, and the loss of medical personnel in areas that are under-served can be devastating.

If you wonder why medical facilities are so careful screening patients, there’s a good reason for their concern. They want to live through this, too.

Nurse comforting dying patient


Roxana Tabakman, Clinician Deaths From COVID-19: ‘A Crisis on a Staggering Scale’, Medscape,


  1. How do the numbers in those countries compare with the country’s total number of deaths? Are all the numbers in proportion?

    By that I mean, somewhere like the USA has the highest number of deaths in the total population, so it would be expected that the USA also has the most deaths in the care sector, no?


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