Trump vs Military

Someone has to draw a line. Enough is enough. There seem to be no limits to how corrupt and disgusting Trump can be.

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Yesterday, The Atlantic magazine published an article about Donald Trump’s denigration of the military.  The information in the article appears to be corroborated by numerous reliable sources, and if true, should convince every service member, active and retired, to vote for Joe Biden.  Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin has written an excellent analysis of that article and Trump’s ongoing attitude toward the military.  Please take a minute to read both this, and the article in The Atlantic.

Republicans never flinch in their support of Trump — even when he insults our troops

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Jennifer-RubinJennifer Rubin


September 4, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. EDT

More than five years ago, then-candidate Donald Trump rejected the assertion that John McCain, who refused to take an early release and remained with his fellow POWs despite torture, was a hero. “He’s not a war hero,” said Trump. “He was a war hero…

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  1. I posted a comment elsewhere that I’ll prop up here too. I get that it’s easy for people to dismiss facts as part of the daily news cycle, but most of the information about Trump refusing to attend the event outside Paris was front page news across Europe at the time, with hair management the issue given. No complaints were made, not outlets sued. Combined with the latest information, it really completes the jigsaw in terms of understanding Trump’s attitude to the military, and to the world generally. With G7 simply refusing to meet under Trump’s rule, or to adhere to his request to bring Russia back in, the collapse of the US role as a super-power was actually some time ago.


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