People like to have heroes, the true larger-than-life figures we can admire and wish to emulate. The only ones in America now work in hospitals and ambulances.

The police are not heroes, nor are the people dying wrongfully at their hands. George Floyd should never have died by a cop, but he didn’t set out to risk his life, either. He wasn’t fighting for a cause. He was simply living, and that perhaps makes his death tragic, but not heroic. His death was wrong and should never have happened. Please be clear about that. Heroism requires more.

Heroism involves intent, the willingness to take a known risk of death in the service of a cause. Who does that?

Americans used to do that. Tom Hanks has a new movie (“Grayhound”) about World War II focusing on the merchant marine, the folks transporting supplies to make the war effort possible. There’s no question that stopping genocide is a worthy cause.

I looked up the numbers. The death rate in the Merchant Marine in WWII was higher than the death rate in the US military. Yet they kept going out to sea. Those are heroes.

There are few heroes in Washington. No one in the White House, that’s for sure. The White House will have all Americans risk their lives for corporate profits. Trump lives in a cocoon. The virus can’t get to him, but he wants you going out where it can. The Texas oilmen are the same. Do as I say, not as I do. If you play it safe, I won’t make any money.

As of today, the US has 134,430 deaths attributed to the coronavirus. We’ve bent the curve in the wrong direction so that the rate of infections is increasing. The death rate is starting to climb as well, as expected. People who attend “coronavirus parties” are learning that not only can they get sick, they can die. Surprise!

Louisiana has surpassed the daily infection rate that they achieved during Mardi Gras. We don’t need a major event when governors and young adults conspire to do stupid.

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