Top 16 Counties in the US for Covid

In March, we would have talked about NYC and New Jersey, and basically could have stopped there. Now, New Jersey has dropped off the top list while areas of Texas, Florida, Michigan, Arizona and California have replaced it.

Here’s the chart showing county, ranking and reported cases.

RankLocationCase toll
1Los Angeles (CA)123,256
2Cook (Chicago, IL)93,496
3Maricopa (Phoenix, AZ)70,128
4Queens (NYC)65,428
5Kings (Brooklyn, NYC)59,636
6Miami-Dade (FL)53,974
7Bronx (NYC)48,105
8Nassau (Long Island, NY)42,122
9Suffolk (Long Island, NY)41,799
10Harris (Houston, TX)40,012
11Westchester (NY)35,154
12Dallas (TX)29,160
13New York (Manhattan)27,191
14Philadelphia (PA)26,969
15Middlesex (MA)24,300
16Broward (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)23,171

Rounding out the top 20 are Wayne County (Detroit, MI), Orange County (CA), Riverside County (CA) and Clark County (Las Vegas, NV).

Bergen County, NJ, was once 5th in the US in terms of cases. However, NJ has been relatively successful in controlling the virus while much of the rest of the US has failed.

Love him or not, Governor Murphy deserves a lot of credit for taming the initial virus outbreak and keeping a lid on it.

Who knew that living in New Jersey would offer such profound health benefits?

To our incompetent national leadership, I offer the following song. This was a Broadway musical back on the day, based on a famous comic strip by Al Capp.

Yes, back when the country had a sense of humor, this was a thing.


    • By US standards, you are still very fortunate. The US is only in reactive mode. How do we deal with the current mess? How much money can be made on the future?


      • In the economic context, unfortunately, quite difficult months are expected for everyone, but personally I believe that the crisis will not last more than a year. While we will have to resist the blow.


      • I disagree. I wish you were right, but the speed with which this virus mutates means that it is not going away, and we will be chasing it after the fact with vaccines, not preventing it. Mother Nature has decided that there are too many people on this planet, and it’s housecleaning time.

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  1. I feel the virus will be around longer than some expect, unfortunately. In my opinion, current actions being taken are merely putting a bandaid on the problem and not a resolution. If and when there is a resolution, it will need to more than just a vaccine. First responders and those putting their lives on the line are to be praised,

    Thank you much for following Eugi’s Causerie I and it’s good to connect with you.


    • And thank you as well. I tend to be on the pessimistic side, but would be delighted to be wrong. The largely GOP politicians aren’t even placing bandaids; they’re aggravating open wounds. I doubt we’ll see any improvements until their family members start falling.

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