RHDV: Humans Are Not Alone

We’re not the only ones being hunted by a virus. RHDV stands for Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus. A major difference between that and Covid-19 is that RHDV kills between 70% and 100% of those it infects. RHDV is nicknamed “bunny Ebola” because of the internal bleeding it causes.

RHDV first surfaced in China in 1984. The virus in the US is the Type 2 version, meaning this virus has mutated at least once. It’s only “known to” attack animals of the Rabbit family. Could it attack others, we simply don’t know.

How RHDV traveled to the US from China isn’t know. It was first detected in New Mexico in early March, and has since spread to Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and California. Rabbits may or may not show symptoms before death.

The importance of this for us is the recognition that there is a large world of viruses that humans haven’t seen with new ones being created via mutation at a rate that we don’t know. Some of these viruses may be far more deadly that what humans have experienced thus far.

What’s your plan?

“Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”


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