Living with a Purpose

“I am not here to bow, I`m here to conquer. My purpose in life, is bigger than any obstacle.”

― Nurudeen Ushawu

“Don’t get me wrong; devoting time outside of work to serving others is a great idea. Recent research suggests that people who do so — by volunteering in their communities, for example — have better health and wellbeing, and perform better at work. Having a clear purpose beyond paid work also has a buffering effect. If your entire identity is wound up in a job that could go away, your wellbeing is in constant jeopardy.”

— Tom Rath

Purpose is simply a sense of what we are meant to do. Whether the purpose is generated internally or created by some higher power, it is what it is at a given moment. It can change as the world changes, but it is always there.

Preparation is what enables you to fulfill that purpose. It includes

  • The development of street sense
  • Learning and skills
  • A basic level of financial stability

Without the last, we spend too much time scrambling to be able to accomplish what we are meant to do or even to devote the time to find out what our purpose is.

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