Under Control????

Here’s the picture on new infections in Arizona and Florida as of yesterday.

This is NOT due to increased testing. Instead, we are seeing an increase is positive test results in these and other states. Testing remains highly incomplete, so the numbers probably continue to understate the actual numbers of the infected.

The map shows the western and southern portions of the country filling with cases. If you looked in a prior post at the same map for May, there were large white areas in the west that are now gone.

The chart in the lower right corner of the graphic shows the growth in cases over time. Nationally, there is no “flattening of the curve.” Instead, as New York and New Jersey see fewer cases, the rest of the country is more than making up for that improvement.

All charts are from the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Center

The charts below show daily reports of new cases, summarized in a three-day moving average. There’s no way to mince words: Arizona and Florida are scary. Both states are on pace to fly past New Jersey, which until now, has had the second largest number of cases and deaths in the US.


  1. The State of New Jersey and its handling of the pandemic has largely reduced cases and deaths appreciably in the past 12 weeks. The graphs displayed in ‘Under Control??’ are a shocking truth that the infection curve is not flat – quite the contrary. The President seems to be giving up on gaining control of the virus and is chasing the curve in his campaign events.


    • I’m starting to sense an undertone of panic in the words of some of the southern and western governors today. I guess we’re just going to see how bad it’s going to get. Is Florida going to become New York South or Lombardy West? The tourism board members are turning into very unhappy campers.

      The worst situation in the country might well be rural Lowdnes County, Alabama. One doctor, no hospital, and the highest incidence of both Covid-19 and HIV in the country. The state refused to expand the Medicaid program so victims have few to no resources to help them through this.

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