Killing Off the Infirm

I try not to make extreme statements very often, but this is straight out of the Nazi Holocaust playbook”

The five states with the largest populations of people with disabilities are all located in the southern United States. In addition, two of these states, Alabama and Mississippi, did not adopt Medicaid expansion, meaning that people with disabilities might have less access to health care. And when states were discussing rationing care because there were not enough ventilators, Alabama’s state policy, which was until recently posted on the website of its Department of Health, said that people with “severe mental retardation … may be poor candidates” for a ventilator.

From the same article, there’s a map documenting that the south is highest in the incidence of people with disabilities.

These states also tend to have older populations, as younger people move out to find jobs elsewhere.

Alabama is strongly anti-abortion, but willing to kill off people who are alive. In what galaxy does that make any sense?


  1. Vic Crain, I appreciate your insight and commentary on issues that are germane to our current national crisis. To think that some human beings are being rationed healthcare and are marginalized because of their developmental difficulty is a sad and unacceptable set of circumstances. I appreciate that you will read my posts on occasions. Your commentary helps shape my thinking and should be considered by all readers when these circumstances come to light. Thanks for the post.

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    • Whether I comment out or not, I always look at your posts. I enjoy both the words and the thinking behind them. Your experience gives you a singular, balanced and valuable perspective.

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