What’s Your Health Worth?

A Mercer report points out that employees are reluctant to return to the workplace even as non-essential businesses try to re-open across the US. For hard-to-fathom reasons, they just don’t want to put their and their family’s health at risk for a paycheck. Can’t imagine why, can you?

Found online — too cute!

The Mercer report concludes that, for a smooth reopening, businesses have to make physical changes to the workplace to make workers safer, and then communicate those changes to their employees. That’s a logical thought, but it’s not clear how many business managers have thought about it, much less tried to do something about it. We also don’t know whether employers have changed the dress code for work, and in particular, wearing masks at work.

As the country opens up, most countries are seeming an increase in Covid-19 cases and deaths. That’s expected, despite the protestations of politicians to the contrary. The virus hasn’t left and there’s no evidence of “herd immunity” — a concept that has seemingly disappeared from any discussions in the last couple of weeks. What is concerning is apparent attempts by politicians to hide data from the public in Georgia, Florida and Texas. New York and New Jersey are slowing, and as the initial epicenter of the infection, that’s important. However, the rest of the US is keeping growth in infections going.

US deaths from Covid-19 — as we reopen, we’ll shoot well past 100,000 and we may be paying for long term health damage among survivors for decades.
The widow of Astronaut and Senator John Glenn is the latest notable casualty of the virus. RIP to a great lady. 

So, how much risk are you willing to take? Or is it time to look for something else to do?


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