They Tell Us . . .

If you’re already in a bad mood, don’t read this.

They tell us to believe that the world is getting better, that we’ve “turned the corner” or “flattened the curve” on the coronavirus and it’s safe to return to work.

Now, in New York City and New Jersey, it’s true that the number of new cases if falling each day even as testing becomes more thorough. However, no one here feels particularly safe, not yet.

However, look at the national chart for cases, below.

From around mid-March to today, doesn’t that look like a straight line?

Which means, mathematically, if NY and NJ are tapering off, other parts of the US are picking up the slack.

According to one analysis, by the time this winds down, a majority of people in the US will have contracted the virus. If that’s true, we’re going to need a lot more body bags. The 100,000 the Trump administration ordered this week won’t be anywhere near enough.

Do the math. If we have 317 million people, and about 160 million get infected. If we believe the data from the USS Truman, 75% of the infected won’t show symptoms, and roughly 1% of those who show symptoms will die. That’s 400,000 dead. The drugs being tested will help those on ventilators, but the ones who drop dead from blood clots/stroke, not so much.

Numbers don’t lie; people do.

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