Where you live matters

Please consider the data below, reported as of end of day 30 March:

State Covid-19 cases Covid-19 related deaths

New Jersey 16,636 198

Georgia 3,032 102

Louisiana 4,025 185

Where do you think you get the better healthcare?

Of course, the comparison assumes similar levels of testing in all areas, and that’s unlikely to be the case. There are probably more unidentified cases of the virus in the South than in NJ, where testing centers have been distributed across the state. However, in terms of handling critical cases, NJ is probably the better place to be.

A number of articles in the press talk about lower risk from Covid-19 in rural areas of the US. That may not be true. There is anecdotal evidence that doctors in rural communities are misdiagnosing the virus, leading to the failure to treat properly and to deaths that aren’t necessarily being reported as virus related.(1, 2)


  1. https://kfor.com/health/rural-counties-warned-there-may-be-more-covid-19-cases-than-they-realize/
  2. https://www.kare11.com/article/news/local/rural-mn-couple-describes-their-coronavirus-cases/89-808c9232-a4e3-40b3-a965-c595e4a98492
  3. https://www.sj-r.com/news/20200330/as-covid-19-cases-grow-two-die-in-central-illinois

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