Covid-19 — Leadership

It’s nice to see that someone has the ability to be creative in the face of crisis. Actually, we have three examples, one reflecting genuine creativity and the other simply good marketing:

(1) New York State is recruiting retired health professionals (doctors, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants) to provide care for coronavirus patients.

In a press briefing March 25, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that 40,000 people have signed up for a surge healthcare workforce that the state is putting together, comprised of retired healthcare workers as well as providers who have moved on to other jobs outside of the healthcare sector. So far the surge workforce includes 2,265 physicians, 2,409 nurse practitioners and 938 physician assistants.  

"That is a big, big deal," he said. "You can create beds, you can buy the equipment, [but] you have to have the staff."(1)

(2) In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy is addressing both healthcare supplies/logistics and jobs simultaneously:

The governor launched an online portal to connect New Jersey residents with jobs in the industries on the front lines of the COVID-19 response. The jobs portal already has more than 12,000 openings in healthcare, shipping and logistics, grocery stores and janitorial services.
"The jobs portal will give residents who have lost their jobs or seen their hours reduced an opportunity to get back to work while also providing crucial support to the industries that are on the front lines of fighting this pandemic," the governor said.(1)

Meanwhile, the Governor’s wife has set up the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund,

. . . . which will help gather essential resources for the communities hardest hit by the pandemic, including low- to-middle-income residents and the small-business community, NBC New York reports.(1)

(3) CVS, which owns Aetna Insurance, is waiving copays and deductibles for Aetna subscribers who are hospitalized for the coronavirus. That will have a huge financial impact on these families.(2)

Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky is being credited for decisive leadership, but it’s not clear how much innovation is involved in his approach.(3)

Leadership. It’s what matters.



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