Corona Virus Hospital Costs

Probably the best reason for not catching this virus is that most people can’t afford treatment.

The Kaiser Foundation issued a report this morning on the average out-of-pocket cost for hospitalization for pneumonia for a person covered by typical employer health insurance. Pneumonia is the most common and threatening aspect of the coronavirus for those who get seriously sick. The out-of-pocket amount is what you owe after insurance pays.

The copays and deductibles sum to $20,292. That’s the national average. There’s regional variation, with the cost being as low as $11,533 or as high as $24,178.

Since most of the seriously ill are covered by Medicare, if you have one of the better Medicare Supplement plans, you won’t feel this financial bite. With one of the lesser Supplements or an Advantage plan, you will feel something.

Do you happen to have that laying around or is that going to push you (further) into debt?

Scrubbing your hands is a lot cheaper!


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