Do Not Assume Your Health

The day after a flu shot, someone I know experiences a reaction at the vaccination site but also a general feeling of discomfort. Urine color turns darker, orange-ish. Is it all a reaction to the shot? She had the new quad virus injection, and wonder.

The following day, she has acute pain in her abdomin and back. Finally, at 3PM, she calls her doc. He sees her at 4PM and by 5PM she’s at the ER. By 7PM, they’re finding her a room at the hospital.

Gallstones! A bunch of them.

Now the flu season is just as bad as last year, which is why the hospital is filled. According to the lastest CDC report, there have been 2,900 deaths in the US this season from the flu, and 55,000 hospital admissions. The season is far from over.

However, reactions to the flu vaccine are in fact rare, and what this woman had was not one of them.

Don’t make assumptions. When in doubt, ask. The ability to do that is why health insurance is so important.


    • Upwards of 9 million US citizens (that’s the State Department estimate, actually is probably much higher) now live outside the US, pretty much for the same reason. As a senior, you can’t live on Social Security anyplace in the US and Medicare is far from free.

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