Is the “Hallmark Kiss” a Thing?

There are shirts, socks and coffee mugs emblazoned with some variant of “this is my Hallmark movie watching gear.”

The Hallmark movie formula involves people thrown together under odd circumstances who by the end of the movie are in each other’s arms, with a passionately chaste kiss on the lips. The Hallmark Kiss.

Some movies have one, some have two.

Yes, it’s pure romanticism, with snow storms and ceiling leaks. Yes, a lot of the actors are Canadian (fitting since most of the films are shot in snow). Dolly Parton shows up in one. A number of their films involve returning veterans.

And yes, Hallmark is a $4 billion family-owned company with apparently a strong commitment to ethics. They appear to be as sensitive to their values as Walt Disney was. By all appearances, when one actor crossed the line, they appear to have re-edited past work to remove the actor. Who else would bother?

And yes, it’s hard for anyone to toe the line on ethics when the US is bloated with hypocrites. The recent dustup over one holiday ad shows the problems that can happen even with the best of companies. Hallmark removed an ad and then returned it to the air.

(My SO binges Hallmark every December, which is how I know what’s been happening there.)

A lot of analysts thought the rise of e-commerce would mean the end of “greeting card companies.” The world is full of broken forecasts.

As President Eisenhower famously stated, plans are worthless — planning is essential. Forecasting is just a subset of planning.

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