Worst Drivers

It seems like almost everyone wants to complain about how bad drivers are when they live. There are exceptions, of course.

  • No one likes Boston drivers, but then the streets have a bizarre layout that didn’t even make sense for horses back in the day. Maine-folk have two nicknames for Bostonians — “flat-landers” (which they also use for people from Vermont, New Hampshire, Montana, Colorado and for that matter, Switzerland), and “Massholes”. Guess which refers to driving.
  • Most New Yorkers take the subway or bus, so they don’t have to think about other drivers — which on weekends makes their driving highly problematic. Turn a bunch of people who aren’t used to driving loose and see what happens. Not pretty.
  • Los Angelenos? Who drives? You park and listen to music while waiting on the interstate for traffic to clear on your five-hour commute to your new home in Las Vegas.
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Leave it to the insurance industry to have objective measures of which state is worse. The measures they examine are:

  • The fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles
  • Number of traffic citations, including safety devices, seatbelts and valid driver’s licenses
  • The annual number of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities
  • Number of fatalities caused by drunk drivers
  • Number of traffic deaths caused by speeding

It’s not just how many people get killed, but how they die.

Anyway, by these measures, New Mexico has the worst drivers in the US. “The Land of Enchantment” apparently is mesmerized by alcohol.

“Prevalence of excessive alcohol use and alcohol-attributed mortality is much higher in New Mexico than in other US states,” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a 2018 report.(1)

The other states at the bottom of the driving barrel are

2. South Carolina

3. Arizona

4. Louisiana

5. Texas

Merry Christmas, and don’t let a little haste lay waste to your happiness!


  1. https://www.insurancebusinessmag.com/us/news/breaking-news/revealed–which-us-state-has-the-worst-drivers-195351.aspx?utm_source=GA&utm_medium=20191219&utm_campaign=IBAW-Newsletter&utm_content=623F0AA8-9B78-44C9-AB70-F65B8EB6DBD3&tu=623F0AA8-9B78-44C9-AB70-F65B8EB6DBD3

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