Female CFOs are better leaders

By the metrics that Wall Street cares about the most — profits and stock price — female Chief Financial Officers do better than their male counterparts.

Within the first 24 months of appointing female CFOs, companies saw, on average, a 6 percent increase in profits and an 8 percent better stock return compared with performance under their male predecessors.

These women brought in $1.8 trillion of additional cumulative profits, according to a study by S&P Global Market Intelligence. The researchers looked at 6,000 companies on the Russell 3000 over the last 17 years.(1)

There’s a growing number of CEOs who are female as well. They also make outstanding leaders.

Ursala Burns, CEO of VEON and former CEO of Xerox

The cliche is that to compete in business, a female has to not just be equal to her male peers but twice as good. The kicker is that they often are.

Maybe they are better political leaders as well? Nevada is the first state with a female majority in the state legislature. Let’s see what they do.


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