Halloween / Having someone for dinner?

Happy Halloween!

The night in which the veil between life and death thins, what the Druids and Celts knew as Samhain.

Under the Julian calendar, it represented a midpoint in the last quarter of the year, a “cross quarter day”. The Gregorian calendar moved October 31st forward; some argue we should really celebrate Halloween on November 7th to be correct from an astrological perspective and conform with history. (1)

Which reminds me that reportedly only one US state has a law against eating a person for dinner. That’s Idaho. Now there are laws against killing people, although enforcement of that seems to be hit-or-miss. There are also laws against abuse of a corpse. However, apparently, in most of the country, if you end up with a spare body part, you can cook it up and serve it. According to one Reddit user, it can make good tacos. (2)

Bon Appetite!

(Or not, as you prefer. Becoming a vegetarian is looking increasingly attractive.)


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