Drugs and your wallet

The opioid epidemic cost the US a reported $631 billion in medical expenses over the last four years — basically $157 billion per year. That’s basically $1,941 for every man, woman and child in the US today. (1)

And guess who’s paying for it? You are.

The cost shows up in your taxes and your health insurance rates.

What drugs are we talking about? The most commonly opioids are

• Actiq
• Duragesic
• OxyContin
• Fentanyl
• Dilaudid
• Sublimaze
• Percocet
• Percodan
• Hydrocodone
• Oxycodone
• Morphine
• Demerol (2)

Addicts range from everyday people to celebrities, like Heath Ledger and Rush Limbaugh. (3) Regardless of who the abuser is, the cost comes back to you.

Simple point: Everything you do and don’t do in life affects someone else — your family, your co-workers, even people you’ve never met. Think of the first responder who dies on the way to an unnecessary emergency. That’s not an act of any god, it’s an act of arrogance.

Finally, somewhere in North Central Maine, near Bangor, there’s a drug dealer with blood on his hands. Two people I know have died, and a whole lot of people hurt by the loss. The dealer needs to be in jail or dead, I don’t really care which.


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