Can the earth support 11 billion humans?

It took thousands of years for the human population to reach 1 billion, which it is estimated to have achieved in 1804.

It took 156 years to triple to 3 billion in 1960.

It took 39 years to double to 6 billion (1999).

Growth in the number of humans seems to be slowing. Now, in 2019, we’re at 7.7 billion, and we’re expected to be 10.9 billion by the end of this century. I probably won’t be here for that, but you might.

Current projections are that population growth will level off in all areas except Africa. Of course, it’s possible that disease might play a role there.

However, will water and food supplies support that number of people?

Since Western economics depends on a growing population or rising prices to sustain corporations, what happens when neither of those is possible?




    • Not likely. We’ve seen population top off and then decline in Japan and forecasts are pointing to that happening in other countries. And that ignores the risk of war over water rights and the distribution of wealth, as well as the changing environment and emerging diseases. However, the lack of population growth will play havoc with western business models. A lot of change is coming, like it or not. Makes me like being old.

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      • The real problem is politicians want to cling on their power and impose on us unsustainable Ponzi styled population models.
        Japan is absolutely against mass immigration and its population leveled off. At the other extreme, China want territorial expansion and deliberately increase its border human density to force migration into its neighbors. Merkel wants to keep building the population pyramid in EU with new immigrants at the bottom of the pyramid.
        There is no light on the horizon!


  1. I differ with your view of Japan. They’ve been aggressively recruiting workers from other countries, for two reasons: (1) there’s no way to sustain financial support for the elderly if you have an imbalance of elderly and those of working age, and (2) if industry can’t obtain labor, they move factories out of the country. Both are threats to the stability of the country. If the US seals its borders, that’s where we’ll end up as well.

    Politicians are about restricting voter participation in one form or another. Business (small and large) needs population growth to fuel revenue growth. Otherwise, the only source of additional revenue comes from price hikes, and there are limits to what consumers can sustain. Apple finally discovered that this year. If the market stagnates, 1929 will look like a picnic.


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