Death is Fixing Some of What the US Government Won’t

We have three issues:

  1. The opioid epidemic, caused in part by excessive prescription of pain killers and kickbacks between pharma companies and doctors that were ignored by the government for too long.
  2. Inadequate access to medical facilities and inadequate public health programs in many rural communities, particularly in the South and Midwest.
  3. Lack of insurance reimbursement for serious disease among younger adults.

The result is an increase in the death rate among non-Hispanic whites in the US, especially among women, among adults under the age of 44, and those living outside of metropolitan areas.(1)

Life Expectancy by County, 2017 Source: JAMA

After a century of improvement in life expectancy, conservatives are bringing massive social change to the US in the worst way — by killing off their own supporters.

Conservatives are happy to take an axe to Planned Parenthood and other programs, without putting other resources for cancer screening in their place. Their happy to take an axe to the ACA without realizing that adults with no relationship with a doctor are likely not to receive a diagnosis until a disease of at an advanced stage.

“Freedom from taxes” for some is “freedom to die” for others.

And who is dying? That’s the paradox. The older largely white conservatives are condemning their own children and grandchildren. The “pro-life” crowd is in the business of spreading death. How rich is that?

Source: Irma T. Elo, Arun S. Hendi, Jessica Y. Ho, Yana C. Vierboom, Samuel H. Preston. Trends in Non-Hispanic White Mortality in the United States by Metropolitan-Nonmetropolitan Status and Region, 1990-2016. Population and Development Review, 2019; DOI: 10.1111/padr.12249 Source:

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